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Stringshine-Butterfly String Lights

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Invite the fairies into your home

Make your evenings more magical than ever! Stringshine sets the perfect nightly tone for you to enjoy your outdoor gatherings or your indoor stays in solitude!

In the day they will charm you with their beautiful aura, at night you’ll see them sparkle with shimmering vivid light! There are many colorful picks to choose from, all of which are more magical than the rest!

You can hang them easily on the patio, a tree or in your room to enjoy their magical company anywhere you wish! Create your own fairytale with a click and watch the show!

Why Stringshine is for you

Enchant your surroundings- Create a lively curtain out of pure light, hang the strings out of the ceiling to create an enchanting atmosphere!

Create your fairytale- As soon as you turn them on you’ll feel like you're in a fairytale, in a click you can fill your room with new colors and lovely vibes!

Magical company- Never feel alone in the night, enjoy the company of a whole flock of magical butterflies shimmering all across your room!

Stringshine is the ultimate choice- Set the perfect nightly scene across any room, garden or porch with our magical collection of shimmering butterflies!


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