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GreenGraw-Greenpockets Garden Wall Panels

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GreenGraw turns every scenery into a greenery

Now you can turn the bland wall into a lush vertical garden. GreenGraw’s pocket-sized planters allow you to mount and grow anything you’d like.

Each pocket has perfect airflow and drains excess water. Mount it on any surface and feel how the whole ambiance changes.

GreenGraw gives you all the space you need to keep on gardening. Bring nature in your home and enjoy the variety it offers.

What makes GreenGraw so good

Vivid green décor- GreenGraw can be mounted on any surface to create a lush vertical scenery.

More room for gardening- If you lack the space then turn the walls into planters. Expand your garden without sacrificing comfort.

All the variety you want- Each pocket can hold a different plant to make your garden wall unique and diverse.

Why GreenGraw is for you- If your garden is not enough then it’s time to start planting vertically. GreenGraw brings a lush greeny view to any wall.


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